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The Skint, a website and newsletter dedicated to free and cheap happenings around New York City, is a killer catch-all for cool events that’ll never leave you broke.

The New York Times' Weekend Miser: 1/6/11
" is the place to find high-quality entertainment at low, low prices in the city. While it advertises 'free and cheap New York. Every day,' its weekend e-mail updates are what make it priceless. Other gems include links to sites allowing you to download new music free and a list of when the city’s museums offer complimentary admission."

New York Magazine: 12/12/10
"Reasons To Love New York"

Travel Onion: 3/22/10
"One of the world’s best travel blogs"

1010 WINS: 3/11/10
"Best of Big Apple Blogs"

Brooklyn Based: 12/29/09
"Best of Brooklyn 2009: (the skint) turned the potentially depressing topic of your bank account into a source for inspired stories and cheap fun."

The New York Times' Frugal Traveler: 12/09/09
"The site I rely on to map out my leisure time... is"

Not For Tourists: 11/19/09

Manhattan Users Guide: 3/20/09
"Indispensable Website"